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Our Strengths

  •  Daily Web Conferences We're dedicated to supporting our members.
  • Moneymaking Solution for the "98%" Generally, it's not easy for the "98%" (who usually struggle to make money online). We provide a solution.
  • Ease of Moneymaking You can start your account with as little as $10, and earn generous commissions! (Spend about 15 minutes visiting sites of our advertisers)
  • No Sponsoring Requirements You can earn a full time income without ever having to sponsor anyone!
  • Something Positive Always Happening Just log into your account every day to see your new money!
  • Professional Support Team We have a professional team of more than 20 people to provide customer support, product development, and improving systems.
  • Indefinitely Sustainable We exceed any high-return programs, gimmick or online money making system. We have the first and only program (we know of) that's indefinitely sustainable.
  • Million Dollar Challenge We're so confident that we offer a $1 million award to anyone who can find a mathematical flaw in our system that would prevent us from being indefinitely sustainable.
  • Daily Repurchasing We allow daily repurchasing to maximize your earnings.
  • Daily Withdrawals You can request withdrawals at any time.
  • Generous Referral Commissions If you do sponsor people, you can earn a great deal more. We pay generous commissions for simply helping our advertisers.
  • Self-Development Products You can apply our products -- "Upgrade Your Brain," "Big Success Breakthrough," and "Killer Success Tricks" to become vastly more successful in all areas of your life. Our Profit Clicking systems enables you to "jump to a higher orbit of performance, success, and achievement."
  • Strong Growth In terms of traffic, our website is among the top sites worldwide.
  • Secure Offshore Servers Our servers are in a strategic location. We pay special attention to security. Our servers are organized so upgrading and expansion are very easy.
  • Offshore Business Our business operations are geographically decentralized. We don't have any central office. We're not located in any "unfriendly political jurisdictions."

  • Alexa Rating
    Alexa Graph Widget

    To get an idea of how popular we are in various parts of the world, access this Profit Clicking Alexa Chart (Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach.") Check out the list of countries on this chart by clicking "More" under "Country." (You can compare the traffic of other programs by entering their domains and clicking "Compare.")
    Secure International Servers
    Our servers continue to expand as Profit Clicking grows, allowing for security and peace of mind no matter where in the world you access Profit Clicking!
    International Business Model
    Our business operations are geographically decentralized, allowing for Profit Clicking and its members to make money in all parts of the globe. We continue to expand internationally on a daily basis with thousands of members from all parts of the word finding financial freedom with Profit Clicking!

    Discover the Power of....
    Something Positive Always Happening!

  • Profit Clicking and its related programs operate in accordance with United States Patent 6,578,010 (now public domain)
  • It's Possible to Start with Just $10 and Turn It into a Fortune! With our Pay-It-Forward System You Get "$10 Free Money" to Get You Started at No Cost!
  • Every Day, when You Log into Profit Clicking, You'll See that "Something Positive Has Happened": Click on three websites a day and Receive Your Generous Daily Commissions. With most other programs, when you log into your account, you see that nothing has changed, and you may interpret this as "Nothing is Happening!" -- not satisfying!
  •  Basically, You Receive Generous Commissions Every Day! No Sponsoring Requirements. Receive Your Easily-Earned Money Promptly! This may be one of the easiest and best ways to earn money you've ever seen! Sponsor People to Earn Generous Referral Bonuses on Two Levels! You Can Withdraw this Money Daily! Practically All Similar Programs Slow Down, Stall, and Disappear. This has Literally Happened to Thousands of Programs. Fortunately, Profit Clicking is Indefinitely Sustainable!

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  • Live Conference 24/7 HERE 

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